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An Introduction to YAITAI Water Supply Company

The water supply company in the developing areas was founded in July 1989, which is a public company directly subordinate to the managing commission of the developing areas. It is responsible for the supply of the whole district and the construction, maintenance and management of the water-supply net.

With 230 employers at present including more than 50 high and middle level professional technicians and 0.21 billion capital asserts, the company sets up 13 operation sections like business, management of net and construction, and one service center for external service. It also possesses a groundwater factory that can supply 30 thousand tons water per day, and a purifying factory that can provide 100 thousand tons water per day. With 280 kilometers water supply net covering 30 square kilometers area, the company can provides 1.5 million steres water per day, which can reach even excel the national standard.

In recent years, aiming at building up high-quality, convenient and effective supply system, YAITAI water supply company advocates the enterprise spirit of decency, solidarity, diligence and contribution with the concept of strict operation, scientific management and excellent service to implement the service promising system and effect supervising card. The company establishes a series of system and regulation of service, strengthening the education, management and supervising mechanism to promote the transmit of the company's service level, the employees' spirit conditions, service consciousness and working style. After entering the ISO9001 quality system in 2001, the management of the company turns to be more mature and normative.

Since 2001, the servicing facility and the condition of the water supply company has been improved continuously. More than two million Yuan has been invested to complete the domestic advanced zone water supply pipe network information system, set up the water supply control center to monitor the hydraulic pressure and the water volume of the entire area branch pipe network, and to observe the water supply pipe network running status promptly. "The "one-stop" work style" high standard customer service center has been set up to complete the four kinds (17 items) of works, including water supply, the servicing, the project service, the charge and so on. At the same time, the company also positively advances many convenient measures: Completed 90% of the water meter exportation transformation project of the entire area in three years, imported the advanced software of paid fee to develop the pre-payment service, and realized the function of paying fee in different places through one net; The water supply service 110 has been established, which realized the 24-hour attendance, in order to discover and get rid of the breakdown of water supply in the shortest time, and provide the users with much convenience.

Recently, with the effort of all the cadres and staff, the enterprise has been developed vigorously. The company obtains many praises: the civilized unit of Shandong Province; the honest and creditable unit of Shandong Province; the city-labor-day certificate; the city-civilized-service window; advanced unit of the developing zone; the provincially cultured and civilized work unit evaluated by the Shandong Province people's government for 7 years continuously.


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